Saturday, September 25, 2010

Roommate Rant

I haven't gotten a good night's sleep in a few weeks now. My roommate is just bad at the whole "DON'T A SHITTY ROOMMATE" thing. He doesn't own headphones. I gifted him a pair. Doesn't use them. I have 8:30am classes some days of the week and I like to get to bed by 11:30-12pm. He doesn't need 8 hours of sleep like normal human beings so often, he is still up doing homework when I need to go to sleep. I asked him if he could go to the library, which is a block away, while he finishes his homework so that I could, you know, actually fucking fall asleep. He HAS to keep his extremely bright lamp on. When I do convince him to turn it off, the glow of his laptop makes the room look like a nightclub. His keyboard pressing sounds like thunder. His writing might as well be nails on chalkboard. How does he respond to my suggestion? Takes it like an insult. It really isn't a huge request. Last year, my roommates always left, including me, if they had to do homework and it was time for lights out. It's just a fucking dick move to not leave so your roommates could sleep. And my current roommate is outraged. He says he pays for the room too and he's not going to be kicked out of his room. Fucking imbecile.

/end rant (not really. plenty more to come.)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

What Do You Think?

It's some OC. Personally, I'm surprised the internet hasn't ran with this yet. I laugh my ass off every time I see the commercial.

My Thoughts on "Originality"

Humanity is a social beast and has survived because we have the ability to adapt ourselves to our environment. If my environment requires that I confine myself to a loose set of social norms, that is what I have to do. There are those that actively relish stretching the boundaries, such as the counter culture, but outright denial that the line exists or step way beyond them is naive and ill advised. I feel such people lack a certain kind of strength. They do not conform to society because they can't. I see this as weakness, a lack of will. Society dictates that these people suffer from personality disorders or antisocial tendencies. Of course, society is a human construct and what is “correct” varies from individual to individual. The point is, it serves no useful purpose to view it from a perspective of right or wrong, but from the perspective of is.
This is the way things are. If one chooses to live among other social humans, one must conform to their methods and principles. Luckily, most of the world does not live under a fascist regime, at least North America doesn't, at any rate, so certain liberties are permitted with respect to individual tendencies. That is to say, I do not advocate that someone cover up their true personality or tastes with a socially-approved mask. I feel that major interests that lie far towards the ends of the social spectrum, yes, those should be kept hidden but the rest is fair game.