Saturday, September 25, 2010

Roommate Rant

I haven't gotten a good night's sleep in a few weeks now. My roommate is just bad at the whole "DON'T A SHITTY ROOMMATE" thing. He doesn't own headphones. I gifted him a pair. Doesn't use them. I have 8:30am classes some days of the week and I like to get to bed by 11:30-12pm. He doesn't need 8 hours of sleep like normal human beings so often, he is still up doing homework when I need to go to sleep. I asked him if he could go to the library, which is a block away, while he finishes his homework so that I could, you know, actually fucking fall asleep. He HAS to keep his extremely bright lamp on. When I do convince him to turn it off, the glow of his laptop makes the room look like a nightclub. His keyboard pressing sounds like thunder. His writing might as well be nails on chalkboard. How does he respond to my suggestion? Takes it like an insult. It really isn't a huge request. Last year, my roommates always left, including me, if they had to do homework and it was time for lights out. It's just a fucking dick move to not leave so your roommates could sleep. And my current roommate is outraged. He says he pays for the room too and he's not going to be kicked out of his room. Fucking imbecile.

/end rant (not really. plenty more to come.)


  1. Cut the cable on his lamp and smash his laptop. Problem solved.

  2. Ugh, this is one thing that I don't really like: I hope to get a single room in college: I CANNOT sleep with the light on, OR with other people sleeping near me D:

  3. God, do I know that feeling, mate. Nothing sucks worse than a piece of shit roommate. Of course, you also might just be an introvert ;) Lol. Thanks for the comment mate, feel free to use anything I write. A little credit under the quote wouldn't hurt my feelings either ;)


  4. Thats a shame some time in life you just dont get the breaks haha
    cya mate