Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Challenger Appears!

It's a new start up company. They are in open Beta. It's a new service for easy processing of online payments. Basically, they want to be the next PayPal. I'm all for it, especially when they are giving such a great promotional deal to early adopters who spread the word. What you do is make a free account, they don't even ask for personal information, and ask you to take weekly surveys and invite other people to the service. You get $50 when you sign up, up to $20 a day for keeping your account active with surveys, and $5 per person that signs up with your referral. So far, I can't see how it's a scam. They don't have any of my personal info and they just seem to be depositing money into my account. 

This is my balance after one day. Granted, they don't have my personal info so I can't get the money, if there is any. But I've got nothing to lose. Even if this just turned out to be a hoax and they don't payout, I didn't lose anything by doing this. And if they DO pay out, fuck yes. So why not just give it a shot?

Please use my referral link if you choose to sign up!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Awesome Movie

I'm a fan of Guy Richie movies and absolutely love RocknRolla. I highly recommend watching this movie. Follow this link to watch it (if your having trouble seeing it, pick a new host to watch from.) Of course, no mention of RocknRolla would be complete without listening to Rock 'N Roll Queen by The Subways.

Imagine the Possibilies

I love info-graphics and I love the concept of space travel and sentient alien species. This bring both together marvelously. I'm a firm believer that this universe is far too massive for us to be the only sentient race. We will make first contact. It most likely won't be during our lifetimes (sadly) but it will happen. I, for one, have been sharpening up on my high school geometry just in case. Math, does thou speakth it, motherfucker?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Powerthirst and Powerthirst 2 are some of my favorite videos on YouTube. I've embedded the first one here but could not embed the second one. Shouldn't be hard to find, though.