Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Challenger Appears!

It's a new start up company. They are in open Beta. It's a new service for easy processing of online payments. Basically, they want to be the next PayPal. I'm all for it, especially when they are giving such a great promotional deal to early adopters who spread the word. What you do is make a free account, they don't even ask for personal information, and ask you to take weekly surveys and invite other people to the service. You get $50 when you sign up, up to $20 a day for keeping your account active with surveys, and $5 per person that signs up with your referral. So far, I can't see how it's a scam. They don't have any of my personal info and they just seem to be depositing money into my account. 

This is my balance after one day. Granted, they don't have my personal info so I can't get the money, if there is any. But I've got nothing to lose. Even if this just turned out to be a hoax and they don't payout, I didn't lose anything by doing this. And if they DO pay out, fuck yes. So why not just give it a shot?

Please use my referral link if you choose to sign up!


  1. Good for you, but be careful, man. Nobody gives money too easy, specially those sites called PTC. I've tried a couple and they result a scam. Besides, you need a lot of time and dedication to have rewards, I mean, it's like to make a career (almost). Good luck, btw

  2. I heard that the amounts listed are not necessarily US dollars... so even if you do get paid, it will be nowhere near what you expect... this company has people all over the net giving them free publicity, and they have no real business as of yet... how can they afford to give away millions of dollars?

  3. I forgot it would be an exchange rate. Even if you get a few bucks, great. As soon as it looks like a scam, the interwebz will explode with backlash. I'll wait until it's been cleared before I give them personal info.

  4. Well, I hope this turns out to be viable, I'll have to give it a look. But yeah, I heard about the exchange rate too. Anywho, thanks for the heads up